Author. Illustrator. Guitarist.


Kevin Jatney is a constant seeker of creative alternativity. Eccentric by nature, his work can be quite unpredictable but is often heavily influenced by his favourite artists; Edgar Allan Poe, Junji Ito, Coheed & Cambria and Dance Gavin Dance.



  • Optimising to Form a Self-Sustainable Global System
    I wrote this paper a few years ago, and it includes how cultivation/lab-made meat (alongside other bullshit) should be the future. Funny […]
  • Paint Me
    I’m like a piece of paper, just like you. I’ve been brought into this world, not by choice but by someone else. […]
  • How I Draw Things (Time-Lapse): Hey, Doll.
    More and more young women are scrutinising themselves because of all the ‘likes’ of certain other girls and ladies on these social […]

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