Blogger. Illustrator.

Fuelled by his fascination of the alternative, Kevin ‘@jatney’ is often seen on the more eccentric side of nature – and his work is no exception. Despite being raised by the wonders of Anime and Disney, he found a deep connection to the works of Edgar Allan Poe early in his life, and has now found himself admiring the works of nightmare creator, Junji Ito.

It comes to no surprise that his work covers a huge range of emotions, humour, muse and disturbances.

He is currently the lead illustrator and blogger for Mind The Milky Way



The Other.

I found myself killing more than I thought… Killing the dove in the depths of my being… oh the innocence and naivety that once was. There is no longing for peace. No wishful thinking. No longer a sense of purity. There is none whatsoever. As the dove falls into nothingness, it cried with tears of […]

The Beginning XO

This year has been a bit of a shit show for everyone, but there is one thing that 2020 has made abundantly clear… we need a new beginning in 2021. There is no doubt that we individually faced multiple challenges at once. Although at times it was heart-breaking, we were still able to get an […]

Paint Me

I’m like a piece of paper, just like you. I’ve been brought into this world, not by choice but by someone else. I am living a life with scars from my past. Scars that do not change my potential to become anything; an illustration, a crane, a plane or anything else that is no less […]