Fundraising Campaigns

Below are the charities where our donations will be going for each time period:

Launch – December 2020

Black Dog Institute is the only medical research institute in Australia that is fully committed to studying and investigating mental health throughout a whole lifespan.

Visit their website here.

Our Aspiration

Mind The Milky Way is a collaborative art project that promotes advocacy for depression (the black dog) and mental health.

We want to:

  • Increase global awareness and support for mental health
  • Collaborate with artists worldwide
  • Participate in fundraising campaigns for mental health charities
  • Engage the public to participate in art and creative event

Sales Direction

  • 12% go directly to the charities we are working with here – donated after each fundraising event.
  • 88% goes to the creators, with a small portion going to M.W. [terms]


Here is a list of milestones that we want to achieve

Launch Stage

  • Collaborate with 1+ major charity organisation: Black Dog Institute
  • Make our first donation
  • Make 10 sales

Stage 2

  • Finish 10 Commissions
  • Have 50 monthly subscribers
  • Have 9 creative collaborators

Stage 3

  • 100 monthly subscribers
  • 12+ creative advocates
  • 3 charity collaborations
  • Host online art sessions and webinars
  • Evaluate 2020

Stage 4


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