M.W Campaign

Our Aspiration

Mind The Milky Way is a social enterprise that wants to grow in order to satisfy our mission; to create a collaborative arts community that promotes advocacy for depression and mental health. We want to:

  • Increase global awareness and support for mental health
  • Create a global community who are passionate about self-resilience
  • Fund public art events; including but not limited to, art therapy, workshops, and galleries
  • Fund online sessions, such as; webinars, tips and tricks, and art therapy
  • Collaborate with artists globally

Sales Direction

  • 25%, a quarter, go directly to the charities we are working with here – these are donated every 3 months unless stated otherwise
  • 70% goes to the creators (M.W originals go to M.W)
  • 5% will be given to M.W as a commission for its service

What Happens to the Rest?

ALL M.W profits, from both subscription and M.W Original products, will be dedicated to the social aspirations listed above.

Sign-up or purchase our products! Everything goes towards the social goal!


Here is a brief outline of what we plan on using to help indicate our progress. Please note that these are general intentions and are not exact data.

Launch 2020

  • Have 50 monthly subscribers
  • Have 9 creative advocates
  • Collaborate with 1+ major charity organisation: Black Dog Institute
  • Make our first donation in December


  • 1000 monthly subscribers
  • 12+ creative advocates
  • 4 charity collaborations
  • Host online art sessions and webinars
  • Evaluate 2020


  • Let’s evaluate mid-2021
  • Start hosting physical workshops
  • Continue with online art sessions and webinars
  • 18+ creative advocates
  • ++ charity collaborations


  • Let’s evaluate at a later date.

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