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Optimising to Form a Self-Sustainable Global System

I wrote this paper a few years ago, and it includes how cultivation/lab-made meat (alongside other bullshit) should be the future. Funny to see that Singapore has now approved that first lab-made meat into their food industry! What a great step towards a more sustainable future! ABSTRACT The current form of government has, over time, […]

Paint Me

I’m like a piece of paper, just like you. I’ve been brought into this world, not by choice but by someone else. I am living a life with scars from my past. Scars that do not change my potential to become anything; an illustration, a crane, a plane or anything else that is no less […]

4 Art Therapies for Better Mental Health

A very calm and mellow introduction to the benefits of art as a form of therapy. Anyone can do it, and it has zero side effects. 🙂 This video was created by Psych2Go.

How I Draw Things (Time-Lapse): Hey, Doll.

More and more young women are scrutinising themselves because of all the ‘likes’ of certain other girls and ladies on these social media accounts. They start studying what parts of the female body are ‘desirable’. Couple that with all these famous people promoting plastic surgery, like Kylie Jenner, who has the most likes/followers in the […]

How I Draw Things (Time-Lapse): Feeling Queasy

Do you ever get that queasy feeling that nauseates you to the point that you just feel like lying down and ripping those feelings out? Then you realise you physically can’t, so instead you just let your head sink into your body and let that feeling in your gut take over your mind. Yeah… that […]


Today is to recognise that mental health affects everyone and it doesn’t discriminate. Remember that it’s a serious issue that can lead to drastic measures, but by asking someone a simple question like “are you okay?” you can help someone in need. My life as a young adult was in a constant battle with the […]

Jan 1 2020. Take me on.

It’s a new year and although I spent most of the transition from 2019 to 2020 with family, I spent the rest alone. After facing the reality of losing two beloved ones within the last 6 months of last year, I felt an imbalance within me. I just felt like I needed to get away. […]

Igniting Delirium

A puff to blow the worries away. A sip of giggles to help waste the night away. Have another puff, then repeat. The night started early; so we roll another, pop-off some caps and repeat. As the air filled with smoke, I notice my body and my mind finally feel at ease after the day’s […]

Oh Dear

My head’s in the clouds,My head’s in the clouds once again I’m looking, but I’m not really lookingI’m listening, but I’m not really listeningTo anyone or anything around me. ‘Cause I’m not even sure why I’m here,Oh dear,I’m here again. My head’s up in the clouds once again,Mhmmmmmm It seems that everyday, I struggle through […]


Fear,It hath no mercy.Fear,Lingering above meAs darkness scour along these plastered walls, like the tides of sea.A sea of shadows, crashing along the shores of my spirit.Taking everything, but my fears.It’s as if I’ve stumbled upon an abyssExposed to nothing but the shadow of me.A shadow of me.My shadow.Me. ChasingThe person who I used to […]

A White Dove

As she talked to me Her eyes started to tear. And at times the words of her voice were unclear. My mind floated to dream of heaven, I chose not to hear. The things I did, I apologise, so sincere. I grabbed her hair from ear to ear, We kissed ever so violently, I thank […]

The Plight of Flight

The clouds, they glisten in the light. The engines roar, I listen, as they boast their might. Voices, they whisper, echo through the chamber of fright. While demons quiver and shiver in cold delight. The air grows stale, chilled, by the frosty night. Yet somehow I’m thrilled by this dreadful and eerie sight. The faces […]

Sin Cities

To sit here alone and wonder Of all the times that are no longer. Amidst the strangers who never ponder, The somber satisfaction of sin for which we all hunger. To sit here alone and wonder of time, More over, Of all wickedness yet to come, coming closer and closer. Many are done with no […]


I awake. Although it is silent, This was no escape. There’s a lingering sadness within my chest An everlasting torment to keep me from rest. And at best, I lie towards the heavens to guide me away from what I detest. My mind’s spiraling, Down into an abyss of the unknown. Yet somehow My mind […]


Everyday you see new construction sites building high rise concrete complexes.  Creating more homes for our ever growing population. Or tourist spots that are making so much bank that the government continues to develop these destinations. Creating louder noises like faster cars that roar through the concrete landscapes. That loud high pitch pedestrian crossing light […]