About Us

The art of resilience is creativity… achieve it one canvas at a time.

Our Mission

Mind the Milky Way is a social enterprise that promotes mental health support through art.

Origin Story

Why ‘Mind The Milky Way’?

The Mind is a non-physical entity that lies within each individual, and yet there is no individual who grasps a full understanding of what is and what isn’t; an endless stream of conscious realities. The Milky Way, on the other hand, is a physical entity where all of us live, breath and co-exist. Much like The Mind, there is an infinite number of things that lies both within and beyond. Both are enigmatic constructs that feel so far out of our physical reach, and yet both are a central part of who we are as individuals of a global community. It just felt right to call it Mind The Milky Way.


Mind The Milky Way was initially a blog project called ‘The Mind & The Milky Way’ that started back in 2015 by @jatney. Suffering from what he called, ‘the burdens of his mind”, he found himself constantly with a bottle and up to no good. The blog was a series of stories and poems that aimed to provoke thought about modern life in our cities, often tackling issues of; depression, the increasing rates of, and the complications that came with it. After realising that the creative nature of his project was also positively affecting his mental fortitude, he decided to revisit his previous creative outlets; illustration and guitar.

After having found solace in arts, @jatney became curious about exploring more. He researched into the design of a city and how it could affect the inhabitants in a much deeper level, the mind. Becoming more aware of alternative aspects of the city community, he soon found himself working on various projects that tackled the issues of sustainability and the importance of mental health.

In 2017, he participated in the Global Challenges Foundation where he composed an article that explores how to optimise current technology to form a self-sustainable city to replace the current. Following this in 2018, he designed a social enterprise that focused on giving a service to people who suffered from mental health, such as depression, that was based on literature and writing. However, due to certain personal complication and affliction, he felt a little ashamed that he did not feel that the right aptitude was there to pursue this project.

In 2019, he came revisited his blog, The Mind & The Milky Way, which evolved into a gallery-focused approach and sold printed canvases and apparel, alongside his written work. He co-founded Katsumu, where he was in charge of all creative outlook and continued to produce art that was designed to provoke thought, maintaining true to his social intent.

In 2020, The Mind and The Milky Way adopted a new name, Mind The Milky Way. It has found a true purpose; to be mindful of everyone and everything around us. The content remains true to its nature; to promote awareness of mental health and to cause a change. This time, however, he integrates his own history and the way art has helped him overcome certain struggles in order to become an advocate for change. During the covid-19 calamity, he found himself even more motivated to help others who are suffering from similar burdens as he.