In the year 2020 the spread of covid-19 instigated a global meltdown. Lockdowns with strict rules and regulations were imposed whilst mass debates, toilet paper wars and conspiracy theories circulated on the internet.

The streets of Melbourne were desolate and devoid of any culture. It really felt like a f*cking zombie apocalypse was looming in the horizon.

Mental health was at an all time low, with little or no pleasure – uncertainty had trumped all hope. Although most suffered, there were some who rediscovered their passion and were enlightened by the experience. In September 2020, an eccentric hip-hop infused metal-head gave birth to Mind The Milky Way in order to sell art, merch, homeware and music to raise funds for mental health research.

In May 2021, Mind The Milky Way evolved into [milky.way] an experimental street brand that continues to embrace the nature of art and music to benefit mental health.