About Us


Mind The Milkyway is a collaborative art project that advocates for the support of anxiety and depression (the black dog).
We sell products and services in order to raise some funds for charity donation,
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Name Origin

The Mind is a non-physical entity that lies within each individual, and yet there is no individual who grasps a full understanding of what is and what isn’t; an endless stream of conscious realities.

The Milky Way, on the other hand, is a physical entity where all of us live, breath and co-exist. Much like The Mind, there is an infinite number of things that lies both within and beyond. Both are enigmatic constructs that feel so far out of our physical reach, and yet both are a central part of who we are as individuals around the world. It just felt right to call it Mind The Milky Way.




The Other.
I found myself killing more than I thought… Killing the dove in the depths of my being… oh the innocence and naivety that once was. …
The Beginning XO
This year has been a bit of a shit show for everyone, but there is one thing that 2020 has made abundantly clear… we need …
Paint Me
I'm like a piece of paper, just like you. I've been brought into this world, not by choice but by someone else. I am living …
How I Draw Things (Time-Lapse): Hey, Doll.
https://youtu.be/s2Wp3nB7Mq4 More and more young women are scrutinising themselves because of all the ‘likes’ of certain other girls and ladies on these social media accounts. …


Aske Stampe
L. Paiva