post-lockdown 4.0

For two weeks Melbourne was thrown back into lockdown, which dampened the hearts of many – honestly, no one really believed that it was going to only be 1 week so it wasn’t much of a surprise when they announced an extension.

How did you keep yourself entertained at home?

Well, we continued to look for ways to get creative – we finalised our re-branding and solidified what it is to be a part of the milky.way.

But just like yourself, we ran out of ways to get inspired. So we too were just aching to go have a wander and to explore the life in the city – or the lack of – and what better way to do that than to rediscover the art-filled laneways of Melbourne CBD (images are of Hosier Lane, Melbourne).

Even though it was only two weeks, it felt a little longer… maybe it was just an onset of lockdown PTSD. Last year was just brutal but we made it. This 2-week lockdown was a breeze in comparison so yes, we all made it… once again.

We hope that you have had a good weekend re-exploring the life of your city.

Stay safe and take care.

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perfecting the art of imperfection in the streets of milk.

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