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We’ve entered another lockdown extension here in Melbourne, and people are getting really pissed off. But, it does give us the opportunity to sit down at home and re-evaluate what is at the core of Mind the Milky Way. It’s experimenting with art, the emotions that come with it, and the life of the people that wander our streets. We want to focus on the individual, and how they can express themselves through our brand.

We continue to develop our idea and the brand has now evolved into [milky.way].
Focused on the alternative, the strange things that make each individual an individual. The collective that is called [milky.way] is not what’s important, but the community who are involved; the artists, the supporters and the collaborations that we have been blessed to work with.

The products we make are primarily streetwear and will discontinue our home decor line – for now – whilst increasing the rarity of certain art pieces that we provide. [milky.way] hoodies will rare and very limited, only selling 10 for each design, and our shirts will also be up for a stock of 50 – although our collabx series will also factor in the decision of our collaborators. The collective has decided to move forward with this initiative to try and maintain the value of the art piece and the value of being an individual.

Although we have made a few changes, we will continue our campaign to help fundraise of mental health and promote awareness of the cause through artistic means.

We at [milky.way] hope that you continue to support our vision, and we continue to look forward as we virtually walk together throughout the remainder of the lockdown.

Take care, and stay safe.


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