How I Draw Things (Time-Lapse): Hey, Doll.

More and more young women are scrutinising themselves because of all the ‘likes’ of certain other girls and ladies on these social media accounts. They start studying what parts of the female body are ‘desirable’. Couple that with all these famous people promoting plastic surgery, like Kylie Jenner, who has the most likes/followers in the world. Subconsciously this creates an idea of ‘the most desired’ person due to being the most popular on social media. These young women/followers then start to change themselves to become more like Kylie (in this example). Sometimes physically changing themselves as well. Just to be ‘desired’, to please and get approval from strangers who scrutinise them on social media.

There is another side to the coin, where these women feel empowered and confident by changing certain traits that they do not like… is this a debate that will carry weight in the future?

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perfecting the art of imperfection in the streets of milk.

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