Dreams & Reality



What are they?

They both seem so real, or rather, they are real. Every night I wake up to my dreams, and every day I wake up to this reality. At times I lose track, where am I? Conjuring all kinds of emotions and images, they affect every aspect of my perception… changing the way I see things… changing… always changing.

Lately, I’ve wondered, “how does one prove that they are currently awake and not dreaming?”. Is it physical pain? The logical time frames? The limitations of science and the laws of physics? Somehow it makes sense and yet the concept of everything feels a little out of whack.

It’s been over a year now since I’ve taken this, almost, obsession with dreams and dreaming. I don’t have nightmares anymore, well, I don’t consider them as nightmares. They’re just mishaps and misfortunes. I just learn to let go and let the darkness fill me until I shiver and sweat in my wake. In most cases there’s nothing you can do, you have no control over your (sub)consciousness. I just let it show me what I need to see and what I need to feel.

Every so often you hear, experience or knowledge of; bloodshed, rape, outright torment and torture. Many consider this a nightmare, but to the victims, it’s their reality. Sometimes denial may convince them it didn’t happen. Would you then think that it is right to let them acknowledge the reality of their tormented lives which then causes psychological unrest for the rest of their days? Or is it better for them to think of it as a hellish nightmare that they soon will wake from and move on?

That’s the thing… reality can have so many complexities at every given moment, simultaneously haunting your mind and your body. Some can go crazy from all the pressure and stress. So, if you think about it, is this not a giant continuous nightmare? There’s no denying that there are moments of relief, moments of ecstasy, moments of enchantment and fascination. But don’t dreams display the same perplex pool of emotions and physical distress?

Dreams, to me, are less complicated than reality. Although we experience them in a jumbled and random order… they show everything in broken down clips, a montage illustrating a larger concept of my (sub)consciousness. Is this why dreams cannot be considered reality? The fact that there is no order. No control.

So what if we flipped it around, our dream world is our reality? A chaotic realm lacking order and any form of control. A world where not a single one of us holds any control or structure in our lives? What if we never had the keys to our own fate? What if this reality, our ‘reality’, is our dream? A realm with control and order, where we are able to mould our own destiny and not given to us. We are able to tell our own story and try to have some form of control with what we experience and what we don’t. What if all of these are the things that we’ve longed for our whole lives? So we escape by dreaming of this ‘reality’. And sometimes we wake up and forget what happened because sometimes, it’s a gift to forget, especially painful ones.

So we choose to believe that this is our reality and choose to base our knowledge and perception through the experiences of this reality. Is that why there are stories and beliefs of a higher being, able to control our destinies, holding our fate? Do some of us go about living our lives disproving the existence of a higher being due to their desire to forsake relations to the ‘dream reality’ where we aren’t the determinants of our life? Is this why we crave control and power? To rid of the notion that we live in a chaotic nonsensical world.

I’m not saying that I believe that our dream world is our real world. But I’m just fascinated by the complex manner of trying to disprove the theories regarding each side. I do find it a little funny how so many people are arguing about what reality is when there is no ‘truth’.

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